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Amideus 2/7-2/8

On Thursday 2/7, we focused on Lenten reflection activities. We listened to a song dealing with the Lord giving a sign to a man in need. We then read a Scripture passage focused on how the Lord should be our rock. After this, we wrote a letter to God telling him whatever they wanted. The students then wrote what they felt God's response to their letter would be. After this, the students then wrote on two slips of paper what they were giving up for Lent and how they would improve themselves over Lent.


This week in priory the kids participated in a human scavenger hunt, where the students had to find out information about one another. The activity went really well and the students learned a lot about one another. Also, this week we made get well cards for Fr. Ed; please keep him in your prayers.


We have been setting up a template for the pal in the future. The template will have the various jobs that need to be done along with instructions on how to successfully complete these jobs.

Philip Priory Update 2/11-2/14

Last week Philip Priory we had a GLK day. This weekend we had our first distribution date at Isaiah's House in Santa Ana, it went really well and we are encouraged at the feedback from OCC as well as the students who went. Future dates will be promoted. This week in Philip we are going over whist in the homerooms.

Updates from last week

Winter Formal went very well and I thank all of you who went, I hope you all had a woneful time. We will be going over the dance tomorrow, so if anyone has any feedback they want to share, email me at Today is the last day to buy Crush bottles. Also please get your blood drive forms as soon as you can.

Thank you :)

Alexis 2/7

Last week we spent time reviewing GLK and the regimen and then played whist.
This week we will be writing letters to loved ones and going over the history of Saint Valentine.

Media & Tech 2/4 - 2/8

This week the Media and Technology committee created a new episode of Servite TV. We also took more pictures during priory period. We will work this week on choosing dates for the priory features on Servite TV.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 2/7-2/8

This week, we did fear balloons, which are balloons into which the participant places a small slip of paper with one of their fear. The balloons are scrambled, and one-by-one, the balloons are popped. The person who popped the balloon guesses whose fear is inside, and the results are shared with the homeroom. The purpose of this activity was to emphasize necessity of the other and mastery of self in the homeroom.

Manettus Priory Periods 2/7-2/8

On Thursday, the men of Manettus researched the Servite Order to prepare for a quiz bowl in each of the homerooms. They were given a set of questions to research beforehand. On Friday each of the homerooms went to mass to celebrate the word of God.

Sostene Weekly Update for 2/7/13

This week, Sostene took time to recognize Father Ed and Brother Chris' illnesses by writing them personal get-well cards. These cards followed by a mass on Friday to celebrate the 7 Holy Founders of Servite. The entire school cheered at the conclusion for Father Ed and Brother Chris.