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Amideus 2/7-2/8

On Thursday 2/7, we focused on Lenten reflection activities. We listened to a song dealing with the Lord giving a sign to a man in need. We then read a Scripture passage focused on how the Lord should be our rock. After this, we wrote a letter to God telling him whatever they wanted. The students then wrote what they felt God's response to their letter would be. After this, the students then wrote on two slips of paper what they were giving up for Lent and how they would improve themselves over Lent. They threw out they were giving up, and paced what they were doing to improve themselves inside a cup. They then stacked the cups. This was done to show the Necessity of the Other. How we build ourselves up individually, but that it is as a team that we grow the most.

On 2/8 we celebrated a Mass featuring the 7 Holy Founders. It was an opportunity for the whole school to grow together as brothers in Christ.