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Campus Ministry 3/18-22/13 Update

We have a prayer service this week for Manettus and will be preparing for Mass on Friday as well. Our focus this week will be to help out in whatever way possible with Fr. Ed's funeral and we will be working with the Adult Campus Ministry Team to do so. Everyone please make an effort to be at Fr. Ed's funeral and keep him and his family in your prayers.

Pal Update

Pal has found a new resource for pornography. The site is called Please feel free to visit the site. We will be getting the school involved on this site through Servite TV and White Out Wednesday Trivia Questions.

Sostene 3/7 Update

This week, the Sostene priory didn't have normally scheduled priory periods, but Thursday was Sostene's day at HSK. Her Servants' Kitchen is a weekly program after school on Thursdays where students actively help the homeless in their community by cooking and serving food to the homeless. Sostene had a great showing with both their required food to bring and attendance after school.

Philip Priory Update 3/11

We will be planning more dates to go to Isaiah's House. We had planned to do Indian Wrestling this week, but because the speakers have been moved to both days, we will push that back. We are excited for the speakers this week!

Media & Tech 3/8

This week the Media & Technology committee produced another episode of Servite TV but do to some computer issues we were unable to complete the export and upload.


No New Updates

Bonfilius Priory Periods 3/7-3/8

No new updates

Alexis 3/7 and 3/8

This last week we spent Thursday going over the social media lesson to help the students recognize how to use social media correctly in their lives.

On Friday, we went out to the field for Ultimate Frisbee to get the homerooms using Necessity of the Other in competition.

This week we will be going over GLK, especially the stock market. We will also be having our quarter final.

Campus Ministry 3/11-15/13 Update

We are ready to have a prayer service this week if possible. All priors who haven't scheduled a prayer service need to by the end of this week. Other than that no new updates, but please keep Fr. Ed in your prayers.

Priory Period 2-28; 3-1

Last week on Thursday the 28th, the Bonajuncta Priory performed skits on etiquette on the cor book. Students split into groups and performed the skits to learn the material in a fun creative way. On Friday, the Priory played the game Apples to Apples. The students were able to interact with others through the game and have a good time with one another.