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Bonajuncta Priory Periods 2-15, 2-21/22

On the priory period of February 15, Mr. Angel led the priory in praying the rosary. Mr. Angel lead a discussion on the importance of the Rosary and the impact it can have in our lives. Many of the students found this very rewarding and it was great to see the Priory praying the Rosary together. On the Priory periods of February 21-22, we went outside and played Friarball which is ultimate frisbee but with a football. The students really enjoyed the activity. Everybody got involved and the students displayed great teamwork and strategy. It was a great two weeks in the Bonajuncta Priory.

Sostene 2/21-22 Update

Last week, the Sostene priory competed against Amideus in a fierce Dodgeball tournament. The activity built brotherhood and necessity of the other between the men when they teamed up to take down the opponent.

Manettus Priory Periods 2/21- 2/22

On Thursday, the men of Manettus wrote paragraphs about the State of the Union address and addressed two different topics. Each of us gave our opinion on them and shared with the class. On Friday, the Noden homeroom went to Horace Mann for tutoring.


The Blood Drive went very well, many life's were saved. Thank you to all who donated. The next dance is Sadie's at Connelly on April 13th. Thanks for reading :)


This week we have no new updates but we are still trying to find ways to help out in the Academics Awards Assembly in March and we are also checking the progress of the tutoring portal on

Philip Priory Update 2/25-3/1

This week in Philip the homerooms are going to be participating in GLK Jeopardy on Thursday and Philip Olympics on Friday. We hope to also move all the clothes we have so far through HSC.

Athletics Update

There are no updates at this time.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 2/21-2/22

This week, Bonfilius worked on Grade Level Knowledge powerpoints on our countries and presented them in the homerooms.

Hugh Priory Blog Entry 2/25/13

This week Hugh Priory will be working on strengthening its grade level knowledge.

Campus Ministry Updates 2/25/13-3/1/13

This week we will be scheduling prayer services. We still need to hear from Oliver Jakobi, Ryan Loughran, Donald Annarella, and Brian Garrido. All other priories have already had a prayer service. Once every priory has had one, we can start scheduling more for those who would like to have another one. Please try to find a good date during lent for your prayer service; our theme is focused on Lent so we would like everyone to get the most out of it. Thanks.