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Philip Priory Update 4/8-12

This past Sunday we went to Isaiah's House. We plan create an organized schedule for the rest of the year so students can have further notice on HSC dates. This week we will be watching a TED talk about the importance of human knowledge and playing Indian Wrestling.

Update 3/25

PAL had a white out wednesday that went very well. We are still working on trying to find Officers/ committee members for next year.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 3/22-3/23

There were no priory periods this week.

Manettus Priory Periods 3/21-3/22

As we did not have priory this week, Manettus has been very busy arranging our service project.

Hugh Priory Update 3/25

This week Hugh will be communicating Mr. Walswick's message about social media use to students during priory period.

Media & Tech. 3/22

We did not have a Servite TV episode this week. We are trying to schedule the rest of the priory segments so priors please get back to me letting me know when you would like us to film your priory and start thinking of students that we can interview.


The talent show is Thursday, May 2nd. Get your acts ready now! The next day is the Faley Games. And Morp is day after.

Alexis 3/22

We do not have priory this week so we are just fine tuning our activities for the rest of the year as well as our project where we will be making blankets for children with cleft lips.

Philip Priory Updates 3/25-29

This week in Philip we do not have Priory. We will be working with our future leaders on Priory applications and making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to do so.

Amideus 3/14 - 3/15

On 3/14 the Amideus priory joined the rest of the student body in listening to a presentation from Recreation Camp about special needs children and different disorders that they may have. It was informative and educated many of the students about what unique challenges a special needs person may have.

On 3/15 the Amideus priory joined the rest of the student body in listening to representatives from the Faley Games. We were informed more about the history and tradition of the games and the unique needs that the Faley Games meet.