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Last week we discussed the Talent Show that is upcoming and some plans for next year. Keep in mind that the talent show is May 2nd, Faley Games on May 3rd, MORP on May 4th, and Prom on May 18th.

Media & Tech. 4/12

Last week, Media and Technology made another episode of Servite TV. Due to some issues, the upload was not fully uploaded on time, but it was later re-uploaded completely. Also, we have discussed with Mr. Weir about expansion of the committee for the upcoming school year.

PAL update

PAL is continuing to work on the last white out wednesday of the year and working on picking our committee for next year.

Athletics Update

No updates other than making a planner and set of questions to ask for the new athletics committee of next year.

Philip Priory Update 4/15-19

Last week our GLK discussion and Indian Wrestling went very well. We also discussed future positions in the Philip Priory. Philip's game at the Father/Son BBQ was a lot of fun and I think it's safe to say the dad's enjoyed it more than the usual games. This week in Priory we are doing Catechism 101 and an activity called Make A Video About It.

4/15 Update

This week, we are focused on finding new members for the Academics Committee for next year.

Alexis 4/11 and 4/12

This week, we made blankets that we are donating to children that have cleft palates. These blankets will help families that do not have very much money due to medical payments they have to make. This next week we are going to finish making the blankets as well as work on GLK and play whist.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 4/11-4/12

This week we had a priory prayer service and had a social media presentation.

Campus Ministry 4/15-19/13 Update

Last week's prayer services went very well. Guys seemed to enjoy the videos and the prayer service overall. If anyone has more feedback, please let us know. We have another prayer service on Friday for Manettus and are finalizing our date with Bonajuncta. After that we will have reached every priory. If anyone would like to have one more prayer service before the year ends please email Matthew Beaird or Nick Coad. Also, if anyone needs more help with their service project at all, let us know. Thanks.

PAL update

PAL is continuing to discuss our next and last white out wednesday of the year. PAL is also looking for new committee members for next year.