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Bonfilius 4/25-4/26

This week the Bonfilius priory talked about the Faley Games. The seniors shared their experiences with the underclassmen and the students were told what to expect.
On Friday we studied Grade Level Knowledge

Philip Priory Update 4/29-5/3

This past week in Philip we successfully went through the instructions for the Faley Games as well as the Earth Day Activity we had. The students understand that their job is to pick up trash AS WELL AS having fun with the athletes. This week we are excited for the Faley Games and for the Philip students performing in the talent show. We also have been talking to Eric Torres about a possible basketball fundraiser put on by Philip Priory.

Campus Ministry Update 4/29-5/3/13

Our last prayer service of the year with Bonajuncta is scheduled for May 10th. Again, if any priory would like to have a prayer service before the end of the year, please let us know. We look forward to finding our new chairman and will continue to stay involved next year when there is help needed. We plan to pass on our activities from this year to next year's committee and suggest some ideas to be advanced.

More Updates

The talent show will go on! There are enough acts within the time allotted; get pumped for talent! :D Next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we have the Talent Show, Faley Games, and MORP respectfully. Enjoy!

PAL update

We are continuing to finish our final white out wednesday for this year. This white out wednesday will be next wednesday. PAL will also be having interviews for the committee in the following weeks.

Media & Tech 4/19

This week we produced another episode of Servite TV and discussed making an end of year slideshow.

Alexis 4/18-19

This last week we listened to Jackie Francois speak in the theater on chastity and faith. On Friday we discussed the speech as well as finished making our blankets.

Philip Priory Update 4/22-26

This past week in Priory we joined Amideus in the theatre for a great talk from Jackie Francois. Friday we made quick videos on Servite High School made all by the students. This week we plan on doing Earth Day Activities that revolve around what they as students can do to make our world greener as well as how our school can become greener, especially in the new construction we will be doing. We will also be going to Isaiah's House this weekend.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 4/18-4/19

This week, we had a speaker. On Friday, to put the speaker into context, we had a homeroom discussion.

Campus Ministry 4/22-26/13 Update

We have one more prayer service left and we will be finalizing that date this week. The prayer service has been a success so far and we plan to pass it on to next year's committee. If Manettus has any more feedback, email us. Priors please let us know now if you would like to have one more prayer service before the end of the year.