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Bonfilius Priory Periods 9/20-9/21

This week in Bonfilius, we again went to John Marshall to teach Physical Education. In the homerooms, we played 20 questions where we identified each other as "celebrities" in 20 yes-or-no questions or less. We also played indian wrestling where we pulled paper towels out of each other's back pockets.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 9/13-9/14

This week, Bonfilius went to John Marshall the first time this year. We also focused on Grade Level Knowledge in class, when we were able to start learning about the countries assigned to the Sophomores. Many of us played a game that involved throwing a beach ball with different questions on it that the students would have to answer so they could learn more about each other.

Grade Level Knowledge for 9/17/2012

Juniors - How do you get to your country from here?

Priory Period Update - 2/7/12 (Bonfilius)

The Bonfilius Priory has been very busy the past few weeks. The Bonfilius Priory continues to visit John Marshall Elementary School and teach P.E. homeroom by homeroom. Students have learned how to tie a tie (the right way) and last week practiced Etiquette by performing skits on how to treat women. Student's had an enjoyable time while learning the proper ways to treating a women just in time for Valentines Day!

Priory Period Update - 2/3/12 (Bonfilius)

This Week Bonfilius will be learning how to tie a tie and a bow tie.
Student's had a great time and truly learned how to tie a tie.

Bonfilius Staying Strong!

For the Past Weeks the Bonfilius Priory has been teaching the P.E. program at John Marshall, the elementary school down the street. The homerooms have been assigned weeks to go to the school and are responsible for what they teach the kids. The kids were most recently taught soccer and both the Elementary School and High School Students had a blast. The Bonfilius Priory has made such a big impact on the school that the Bonfilius Prior, Kevin Olivier, was also made Principal for the Day!

Priory Period Update -9/22/11 (Bonfilius)

This past week the Bonfilius Priory decided to change things up and make a trip to the Priory Lawn and compete against other homerooms in a wrestling activity.