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Bonfilius Priory Periods 12/6-12/7

This week, Bonfilius made blankets for the homeless and practiced Whist. Bonfilius will be participating in a Whist Tournament that will be in this week's episode of Servite TV. In addition, two homerooms from Bonfilius walked over to John Marshall Park.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 11/29-11/30

This week, Bonfilius took a quiz on grade-level knowledge to ensure that each grade level had accountability for what they were supposed to know. Not only did the quiz test their knowledge, it also reinforced it and required studying and review. Students in class had a positive attitude about the quiz and were excited to do well.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 11/19-11/20

No New Updates.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 11/15-11/16

This week, the Bonfilius priory created goals for themselves and shared them with the class. The students developed a system to hold each other accountable for their goals.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 10/29-11/2

Bonfilius has no updates for this week.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 10/25-10/26

Bonfilius had a great mass on Thursday. We also had a great and involved discussion on Thursday about the Pornography topic. Students were engaged and listening.

Bonfilius Priory Period 10/18-10/19

This week, we worked on John Marshall communications for our Physical Education classes, and we visited the school to put on a class. Bonfilius was also involved in Grade Level Knowledge and Whist in the priory periods. With Grade Level Knowledge, Frehsmen learn the COR book, Sophomores learn about the Priory Garden and plant plants, Juniors learn about countries in the World, and Seniors get Stock Market exposure. Whist is a card game that involves signal-based non-verbal communication and builds those skills.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 10/11-10/12

This week, Bonfilius did an activity out in the field involving forming a monster out of the Homeroom members. This required teamwork and mastery of self, as the students were coming together to be a complete monster, each performing separate functions. The students had fun outside and were able to participate and have fun.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 10/4-10/5

This week, Bonfilius was involved in an activity called 20 Questions, where we collaborated with a homeroom member to try and guess who each other were by asking yes-or-no questions about each "person". We were able to learn about ourselves as well as about the other people who we "were".

Bonfilius Priory Periods 9/27-9/28

This week, students from Isaac Duenas's homeroom went over to John Marshall to teach the students Physical Education. This started at lunch and ended at 1:45 on Thursday. Bonfilius was also learning how to play Whist in the Priory Homerooms, a card game that involves subliminal communication and cooperation skills.