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Today in the priory period we did a speed dating exercise in which we began to really know who the people in our priory are. On the second priory period we watched Band of Brothers to show students the qualities of a good leader.

Bonfilius Priory Periods 9/21-9/22

This priory we did a personality test to further learn about our self. This relates to Mastery of Self because to master yourself you need to know yourself. Also in the priory period we play a game of link tag which encouraged Necessity of the Other.

Grade Level Knowledge for 9/17/2012

Juniors - How do you get to your country from here?

Priory Period-Bonajuncta-10/14-15

Bonajuncta priory took their picture for the yearbook and shared their "Who Am I" activities on Thursday. On Friday we took a quiz and finished our "Who Am I" activity. Hopefully next week we will play Whist. Shout out to Nico Shary.

Priory Period 9/22-Bonajuncta

After prayer and reflections, Bonajuncta priory played soccer.