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This week in priory we did a follow up activity to the pornography talk to see the effectiveness of talk and the thirty day goal. Also in the periods we worked on the grade level knowledge and learning about our country, French Guiana. Together as a homeroom we can up with a list of facts.


This week in Priory we supported our brothers in the arts by watching a presentation of their production "Almost Maine". This activity was a good exercise in necessity of the other.

Amideus 11/1/12

This week we did not have a Priory period rather we celebrated the holy Feast of all Saints.



This priory period we were split into different classes by grade and talked about the serious top of pornography. We reviewed the main points of the speakers talk and the addictive qualities of pornography and the adverse affects of the addiction. By doing this talk we covered mastery of self.



Today in the priory period we did a speed dating exercise in which we began to really know who the people in our priory are. On the second priory period we watched Band of Brothers to show students the qualities of a good leader.


Bonfilius Priory Periods 9/21-9/22

This priory we did a personality test to further learn about our self. This relates to Mastery of Self because to master yourself you need to know yourself. Also in the priory period we play a game of link tag which encouraged Necessity of the Other.