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Amideus 2/28 - 3/1


On the 28th, the Amideus priory did 2 activities. For the 1st activity each homeroom watched an inspirational video chosen by their assistant prior. These videos included inspirational speeches made by Ray Lewis, an inspirational scene from the movie Facing Giants, and the speech given by Charlie Chaplin in the movie The Great Dictator. Then, for the 2nd activity, each student filled out a survey on The Strengths of a Servite Man and rated themselves in 3 different categories (Motive, Belief, Action) and 4 subcategories per (Motive: Discipline, Determination, Desire, Dedication; Belief: Primacy of Faith, Mastery of Self, Necessity of the Other, Centrality of Christ; Action: Bearing, Character, Skills, Vision).


The Amideus Priory were grouped into their peer mentoring pairs. Upperclassmen were paired with underclassmen by their assistant priors. They discussed the results of the survey they took the day before and developed personal definitions for each subcategory. They will meet in these groups every priory period from now on for 5 minutes to help each other grow as Servite men and give practical meaningful advice to each other.