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Amideus 2/21 - 2/22

On both 2/21 and 2/22, the Amideus priory ventured outside to get some fresh air and have some fun. After spending several weeks inside the homerooms, Amideus Priory went out to Courage Field and held 2 different activities.

The 1st activity was a 60v60 dodgeball match which involved the Alexis and Sostene priories. It was great fun and it let the students blow off some excess energy. It also helped strengthen and build our priory wide identity as the Amideus priory.
The 2nd activity was a game called British Bulldog (a high contact version of sharks and minnows, where in order to become a bulldog, you have to be lifted off the ground for 3 seconds.) Everyone who played British Bulldog loved it and we were told numerous times that it was the best priory game they've ever played.