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Campus Ministry Updates 2/25/13-3/1/13

This week we will be scheduling prayer services. We still need to hear from Oliver Jakobi, Ryan Loughran, Donald Annarella, and Brian Garrido. All other priories have already had a prayer service. Once every priory has had one, we can start scheduling more for those who would like to have another one. Please try to find a good date during lent for your prayer service; our theme is focused on Lent so we would like everyone to get the most out of it. Thanks.

Campus Ministry 2/11-2/15 Update

This week we will be making final decisions on the prayer service and will go from there, then we will be preparing for Ash Wednesday. We will be meeting with Mr. Talarico to discuss the distribution of the ashes. Priors who haven't responded to the email about the prayer service date will need to do so now. We need to schedule the rest of the prayer services, especially now that Lent is beginning and our focus is to teach more about the season.

Campus Ministry 2/3-9/13

We are making a lot of progress on our new prayer Service with a new theme involving Lent and are excited to get it started. We are scheduling the prayer services with all priories who haven't had a prayer service yet and will finish collecting get well cards for Fr. Ed this week. We are also looking forward to seeing more service projects take off. We are also preparing for this weeks mass on Friday.

Campus Ministry 1-7-12 to 1-11-12 Update

We will be preparing for this weeks mass on Tuesday. We will also be fixing our prayer service.


This week Campus Ministry will be preparing for Wednesday's mass. We will also be working on our practice plans.


Talking about last weeks prayer service to see what went good or bad, and what we can do to improve it. Getting updated on Priories' service projects.


No New Updates.