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Manettus Priory Periods 11/19-11/20

No new updates.

Manettus Priory Periods 11/15- 11/16

On Thursday in Manettus homerooms, all students took a political test through This test analyzed their political views and told them which candidate they stood with. Each student then shared which political candidate they would have voted for and we discussed why they supported them. On Friday, we had a school-wide mass.

Manettus Priory Periods 11/8-11/9

This week Manettus did not have any priory meetings, however we continued planning their service project at Horace Mann. Last week, we discussed scheduling HSK and Horace Mann. The Valadez homeroom is going to Horace Mann this week. Lim and Valadez's homerooms are involved in HSK this week as well. On Thursday, we will have an activity regarding the presidency in the homerooms.

Manettus Priory Periods 10/25- 10/26

On Thursday, all priories went into the theater for mass. On Friday, each homeroom had an assistant-prior facilitated discussion about the effects of pornography in all of our lives and how it can hurt each of us. We talked about the spiritual facts in addition to the concrete facts that the speaker discussed. We discussed its addictive qualities and how to get help. This activity went very well and I think everyone learned from it.

Manettus Priory Periods 10/18-10/19

This week, students from Connor Noden's homeroom went over to John Marshall to help tutor the students. We left at lunch and returned before the start of 7th period.

Manettus Priory Periods 10/11-10/12

This week, Manettus took a day to go out onto the field and play flag football. This activity requires necessity of the other and caused the homeroom to work together. On Friday we took our quarter finals which required different knowledge for each grade and the memorization of the homeroom members names.

September 20 Priory Period

Today Manettus split up by grade level. Seniors went into the theater for a talk with Coach Toner, juniors were give their country to memorize, and sophomores had grade level knowledge and a priory garden information session.

Priory Update

This week we've been learning each other's names in our priory periods. We also played indian wrestling out on the field with all the other homerooms.

Grade Level Knowledge for 9/17/2012

Juniors - How do you get to your country from here?

Manettus Finding the Path to Success! 1/19/2012

For Priory period today, January 19, 2012, Manettus had a scavenger hunt. Not just an ordinary one, but having to find people with certain characteristics and have experienced different events throughout their life. These ranged from "needs to get a haircut" to whether someone had been to another country in the past year. The students went around to each homeroom, collecting signatures, and the one with all signatures won a $10 gift card to In-N-Out. Now, we wait and see what Edric has in store for us tomorrow.