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Grade Level Knowledge for 9/17/2012

Juniors - How do you get to your country from here?

Priory Period 3/2/12

Today the homerooms watched a clip from the documentary, The Human Experience. It was really a nice movie and the kids liked it.

Priory Period 3/1

Today Hugh took their quarter final while 5 hugh students went to the local Retirement center to engage in Hugh's 1st session of their Service Project. It was a really nice time meeting the Retirees.

Priory Period 2/24/12

Today, Hugh took class outdoors and engaged in various games of Indian Wrestling. People competed with others from thier homerooms to find a Indian Wrestling champion. Others circled around them and took in the entertainment until it was thier turn to wrestle someone. It was a great way to end of the short week.

Priory Period 2/23/12

Today, Hugh had some fun going mini golfing on campus. Each homeroom worked hard on contructing a hole using cardboard, desks, and other various items found in thier rooms. They all tried to make the most difficult hole they could think of. Ap's and thier students when room to room playing these various holes. It was a fun filled day.

Priory Period 2/2/12

This week Hugh took to the field to play Ultimate Frisbee. Though it was a windy day, the fun reigned down on all 6 homerooms.