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Media & Tech 11/26-11/30

We produced another episode of Servite TV this week.

Media & Tech - 11/19-11/23

No new updates.

Alexis - 11/19-11/23

No new updates.


Bonfilius Priory Periods 11/15-11/16

This week, the Bonfilius priory created goals for themselves and shared them with the class. The students developed a system to hold each other accountable for their goals.


Media & Tech - 11/13-11/16

This week, the Media and Technology Committee produced another episode of Servite TV.

Alexis Priory Period - 11/15

This week, the Alexis priory played a name game to get to know each other better.


Philip - 11/5-11/9

After better communication with the Campus Ministry Committee we decided to wait until after Christmas Break to really push Her Servants' Closet. We will be meeting with CM after Thanksgiving Break to go over further details. The clothes that have already been brought in and the clothes that will be brought in will continue to be counted and sorted by HSC. This week we will be doing the "Spaghetti Towers" exercise which was pushed back because of the play.


Media & Tech - 11/5-11/9

This week, the Media & Technology Committee produced another episode of Servite TV.

Alexis - 11/5-11/9

We are passing out the permission slips to every student for our service project this week so that we can start visiting the convalescent home. This Thursday we are doing a name game so that we can all review each other's names as well as learn more about each other and Friday there is Mass.


Alexis - 10/29-11/2

There are no new updates for the Alexis Priory this week.