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Priory Period 10/20

Today we checked the trash in the quad for recyclables and put them in bags. We also discussed the Her Servant's Closet service project for Philip.

Priory Period 10/13

Today we took our Priory Picture out in the quad. We also went to a Campus Ministry Prayer Service in the Chapel. In our extra time, we discussed Grade-level Knowledge in class. The sophomores received their country (Slovenia), the Juniors learned about the garden, and the Freshmen were quizzed on multiplication tables.

Priory Period 10/6

Today we played Dodgeball in the gym, making teams out of three homerooms. After our APs explained the rules, we left for the gym. We all played and had a good time. Photos:

Priory Period 9/22

In priory today, we played whist. Whist is a card game that focuses on playing with a partner and communicating through hints of what cards you place. Everyone had fun and participated.