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Amideus 11/1

Michael Morin, Tam Nguyen, and Matthew Nulk of the Amideus Priory read during the All Saints Day Mass. Mass seating was excellent and the whole priory was respectful during Mass.

Amideus 10/26

Amideus Priory covered the threats and evils of pornography. All the students were divided up by grade levels. We presented a video interview of the deceased serial killer Ted Bundy and how pornography played a role in his life. We also took anonymous surveys, presented a power point presentation, and held discussions in which the students conversed about why pornography is wrong and how they can avoid it or help themselves.

Amideus 10/11 and 10/12

On the 12th, Amideus Priory took its quarter final, based on the students' grade level knowledge as well as upon the names of their homeroom. On the 13th, Amideus held an ice cream social in the quad, where the whole priory was able to mingle and interact. The goals of the social were to have students interact across the homerooms, have fun, and get a chance to relax after priory quarter finals.

Amideus 10/4 and 10/5

On 10/4 Amideus members developed skills of working together to accomplish a goal by getting into groups of about 4 and building towers out of dry spaghetti and marshmallows. The goal was to get the tower to be as tall as possible. There was also an award for the most creative tower. On 10/5 Amideus members went out to the quad to take a group priory photo. They then took their quarter final that was based on their grade level knowledge.

Amideus 9/27 and 9/28

Amideus watched Band of Brothers in class and learned various leadership skills including the concept of leading from the middle. On 9/28 Amideus learned team building by doing trust walks around campus. Two students were paired up and one of them was blindfolded while the other student had to lead them around campus. This helped the students bond and build trust for each other.

Amideus 9/20,21/12

Amideus played the other home rooms in the Amideus Priory Games. Some of these games were: electric fence, figure out the path, get the handkerchief, fit your home room in the circle, and back-to-back stand up. It was hot and we were on the baseball field.

Grade Level Knowledge for 9/17/2012

Juniors - How do you get to your country from here?

Amideus Update - 2/2-2/3

Members of the Amideus priory engaged in a great classroom activity to further the concept of "Knowing Your Men." Desks were pushed to the center of each classroom, forming a long table of sorts. Students rotated around the table very 3 minutes, asking the person accross from them a set of questions to start off the conversation and letting it go from there. Questions revolved around siblings, family, previous schools, talents, extracurricular activities, college plans, and more. All students left knowing each member of their homeroom significantly better.