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Priory Period 1/19 and 1/20

On Thursday, the Alexis priory played Whist. This activity promoted teamwork, as each student was paired with another and they had to work together without talking. One player had to try and determine what cards would be best for them to play so that their partner could win.

On Friday, we played Ultimate Frisbee. The Athletics Committee is sponsoring a tournament between all of the priories. Garrett Airey's homeroom won the games in the Alexis priory, and they will be competing for Alexis in the tournament.

Priory Period 9/22

In priory period today, the Alexis Priory had a grade-level knowledge relay-race. Each student in each homeroom had to answer questions about grade-level knowledge such as multiplication tables. Each homeroom was scored based on the number of correct answers at the end of the race.

Priory Period 9/22

priory period