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Alexis - 11/19-11/23

No new updates.

Alexis Priory Period - 11/15

This week, the Alexis priory played a name game to get to know each other better.

Alexis - 11/5-11/9

We are passing out the permission slips to every student for our service project this week so that we can start visiting the convalescent home. This Thursday we are doing a name game so that we can all review each other's names as well as learn more about each other and Friday there is Mass.

Alexis - 10/29-11/2

There are no new updates for the Alexis Priory this week.

Alexis - Priory Period 10/26

This week the Alexis Priory had a discussion about the speaker we had on Wednesday. Every Assistant Prior was put with a certain grade level and they prepared their own plans using the resource paper that PAL gave everyone. Alexis is also finalizing the details of our service project with the Leisure Center Nursing Home. We are going to pass out the permission slips for the students to fill out and start visiting the Nursing home as soon as possible.

Alexis - 9/27 and 9/28

On Thursday, the Alexis Priory did a Grade Level Knowledge Jeopardy quiz. This promotes Mastery of Self because each man had to have the discipline to learn and remember the information that they were required to know.
On Friday, we discussed Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 movement. This was a follow-up discussion about the Invisible Children presentation last week.

Alexis 9/20 and 9/21

This week, the Alexis Priory did an egg drop activity. This relates to Formation Themes because each person had to recognize Necessity of the Other in order to build their egg dropping contraption. Each homeroom was divided into two teams and each built a device to drop an egg safely from the top of the stairs. The event was great and the teams bonded.

Alexis - Priory Period 9/13

On Thursday, the Alexis Priory went out to the field for a relay race run by the Athletics Committee. This activity promoted Necessity of the Other because each man was needed in order to finish the race. It also required Mastery of Self because each man had to push themselves in order to make the group finish in less time.

Grade Level Knowledge for 9/17/2012

Juniors - How do you get to your country from here?

Priory Period 1/27-28

This week the Alexis priory had a prayer service and made cards for Mr. Roach who is currently in the hospital.